"Antimicrobial resistance threatens a return to
the pre-antibiotic era. Things as common as Strep throat or a child's scratched knee could once again kill."

- World Health Organization, March 2012.


Immunity Explained

Barrier Immunity

The body has natural barriers to pathogens and injuries which include the skin, body secretions and stomach acid.

Innate Immunity

This immediate response system reaches back to primordial times in all plants and animals, including humans.

Adaptive Immunity

Throughout your early life your body gradually develops the capacity to respond selectively to the challenges encountered.


Some studies seem to show that although our lifespan is significantly longer than at any point in history, autoimmune diseases are increasing exponentially each year. 

When we realize that we are being assaulted daily by chemicals, toxins, drugs and stresses that would have killed even the strongest human at any other time in history, we begin to glimpse the reality. 

Only by creating an impenetrable defense within our bodies can we remain healthy in the face of an increasingly mobile population and spreading strains of illness.


You have to begin with where you've been ...


Creating a complete history of your immunity is the first step.  Illnesses, injuries, emotional traumas, allergies and the progression of symptoms over time, are all essential to establishing your Immunity Reimagined Profile©.



The Immunity Reimagined Profile© was developed by Dr. Karen S. Clickner from working with thousands of patients over 30 years.

If you have symptoms that won't resolve, any chronic illness or are living on prescriptions, then find out if Immune Dysregulation Disorder© is to blame.

Natural Solutions for What Ails You


Whether you are suffering from allergies, spending your winter with one illness after another or have a chronic illness that doesn't respond to conventional treatment, your immune system may be trying to tell you something.

Read about our solution options by clicking each section below.