“Symptoms are not to be suppressed. They are to be understood and modulated because they are indications of the activity of your immune system. Without these signposts, it is impossible to return the body to health.
The goal of medicine should not be treatment because to treat is not enough. You need a healing response from the body.”

- Dr. Karen Clickner, R.N.D.


We need to reimagine immunity…

Barrier Immunity

The body has natural barriers to pathogens and injuries which include the skin, body secretions and stomach acid.

Innate Immunity

This immediate response system reaches back to primordial times in all plants and animals, including humans.

Adaptive Immunity

Throughout your infancy and childhood your body gradually develops the capacity to respond selectively to the challenges encountered. This begins before and during the birthing process.

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Immune Regulation is the Focus For Every Illness

The immune system is unique because it is a widespread, multi-layered security system that looks after every cell, every tissue and every organ of your body every minute of the day, every day of your life.

Its goal is to ensure the health of the body by protecting communication pathways and ridding the body of dangerous and unnecessary toxins, chemicals, pathogens and worn-out cells.

It is both your cleaning woman and your guard dog and all it asks is that you listen to it, support it and don’t get in its way.

Studies show that although our lifespan is significantly longer than at any point in history, autoimmune diseases are increasing exponentially each year. 

When we realize that we are being assaulted daily by chemicals, toxins, drugs and stresses that would have killed even the strongest human at any other time in history, we begin to glimpse the reality. 

Only by creating an impenetrable defense within our bodies can we remain healthy in the face of an increasingly mobile population and spreading strains of illness.

You have to begin with where you've been ...


Creating a complete history of your immunity is the first step.  Illnesses, injuries, emotional traumas, allergies and the progression of symptoms over time, are all essential to establishing your Immunity Reimagined© profile.


Your history is the key to understanding what has happened and to track the activity of your immune system.

Dr. Karen Clickner has created the Immunity Reimagined© Profile to help point out the burdens your immune system has and what is needed to restore regulation. You can create your profile by clicking here:

Once you have a complete history, separate everything into periods of time and try to remember how you felt during each period of time. What was going on in your life? How did these illnesses affect you? How much stress were you under? What were you being exposed to?

Disease is a progression. So it begins before you even feel any symptoms at all. Over time you start to feel changes that are indications of this progression. Each challenge that you face increases the burden. Eventually you have definitive symptoms that interfere with your daily life. You are a changed person and you don’t know how to return to health.

Natural Solutions for Your Illness & Your Health


Whether you are suffering from allergies, spending your winter with one illness after another or have a chronic illness that doesn't respond to conventional treatment, your immune system may be trying to tell you something.

We create a program from the therapies and medicinals that we know are highly effective at unburdening the immune system and restoring regulation. What is included and at what point in the process is an important consideration created from your history and your health patterns. After all, immune dysregulation does not happen overnight. It happens gradually over your lifespan, hastened by any unresolved injury, illness, stress or toxin.

Our initial evaluation helps to identify these patterns and burdens.


We begin with a our Immunity Reimagined™ Evaluation which includes assessing your history, your health patterns, reflex muscle testing and European Regulation Thermography testing.

From this we can establish a plan that will unburden your immune system and regulate your body tissues.

Ready to begin? You start by filling out our Holistic Assessment Form.


Now you will be speaking with Andrea to set up your appointment.

Our appointments are offered at each of our Massachusetts locations, Boston and Worcester. Feel free to ask her any questions you would like. Your appointment will take 2 hours and the cost will be $450.00 which includes the Thermography Testing Process and the Evaluation. You will leave with an idea of what is actually happening in your body and a plan of how to regain your health. Take the first step today and make an appointment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

You can contact Andrea by calling her at (617) 505-3585
or send her an email at cbnmreception@gmail.com