Our Echinacea formula has been studied and clinically proven to bring the immune system into balance and provide long-lasting protection from illness.

Our Echinacea formula has been studied and clinically proven to bring the immune system into balance and provide long-lasting protection from illness.

Herbal, Nutritional & Homeopathic Medicinals for Immunity

As conventional medicine struggles with infection control and the staggering increase in immune disorders, natural medicine has provided solutions for centuries that still are unparalleled today.  Our natural medicinals include imported high grade homeopathics, spagyric formulas, Swiss energetically activated clays, high grade imported herbal medicines and compressed raw food supplements. 

Everything we provide is clinically tested, certified, high grade products that are not available in stores because of their purity, quality and effectiveness. 

With 30 years of experience, we have proven protocols, effective plans and successful solutions for months or even years of symptoms that have not responded to conventional treatment options.  Lyme Disease, PANDAS, MRSA, Lupus, even MS have all been improved dramatically in our patients. 

When you understand the problem, the solution becomes clear.

An Example of an Herbal Miracle

Recently numerous articles and studies have indicated that there are illnesses that are developing such intensive resistance to antibiotics that they will soon be resistant to all treatment.  Gonorrhea is one of these illnesses.  It is only a matter of time before more and more people will develop infections that are untreatable.

Herbal medicine does not work locally, but systemically.  It creates an effect not by killing a bacteria directly, but by mastering all the body's defenses to work more effectively against the bacteria.  In this way, no bacteria can develop a resistance.  So by providing herbal medicine for an infection that resists antibiotics, a solution can be achieved.

This is an important distinction. You will never be able to prevent every single strain of bacteria, virus, flu or cold from entering your body. So the solution is to strengthen your resistance. In this way it doesn’t matter what you are exposed to, your body can fight it, eliminate it and restore normal function. When your immune system is compromised, suppressed or burdened, you will be unable to prevent illness and the more you are exposed to, the more debilitated you will become.

Goldenseal (Berberine), Andrographis, Cat's Claw, Echinacea and Holy Basil are examples of some of these amazing herbal medicinals that we use to restore immunity.  The higher the quality, the more effective they are.  This is why we only use imported high grade formulations for our patients and treatment programs.  Herbs purchased over the internet or over the counter in stores are often not tested, not even the correct species or part of plant needed, and often they will contain contaminants that can create even more of an immune problem.

Solutions for Restoring Immune Regulation & Down-Regulating Autoimmune Symptoms

The immune system can be overwhelmed by challenges from without and within which drains its resources and distracts its focus. There are some wonderful natural medicinals that help to unmask stealth pathogens and restore the focus of our immune action.

Cat’s Claw is one of the only herbs that helps to unmask stealth pathogens while helping the immune system to address bacteria, viruses, parasites and funguses.

Glutamine and Glutathione work together to support and regulate the immunity of the gut (Peyer’s Patches) and the detoxification action of the liver.

PRP53 Code - sarcode formulas in homeopathics help to restore the native genetic coding of tissues. This formula is the master formula for helping the immune system differentiate its responses.

Thymus support - formulas that support the action of the thymus gland are indispensable including Thymus PMG, Thymex and Thymus Life Force. Without proper thymic activity, the immune system cannot differentiate friend from foe.

Vitamin C & D - I like to recommend Camu Camu C or Cataplex C which provides whole complex Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid does not work in these circumstances. Vitamin D is an essential component of regulation as well. A great option is Solray D Liposomal sublingual spray or Cataplex D.

Mushroom extracts - Ganoderma, Shitake, Mycelia are all essential for normalizing autoimmune conditions.

MediHerb Echinacea Premium - there is no other echinacea in the world that has the power and effectiveness of this one. This has an incredible autoimmune balancing effect that helps the immune system stay focused and appropriate in its handling of body challenges.

Dr. Royal Lee’s Discovery: Protomorphagens

Protomorphagens are what Dr. Lee called the tiny signalling sections of a cell that are released that stimulate and regulate reproduction of the cell.

In autoimmune disease, a particular type of tissue becomes dysregulated and the PMGs that are released can be excessive causing rapid and unregulated growth of the cells. This challenges the immune system even further causing significant action that damages and destroys tissue.

By introducing orally PMG tissue of a specific type of body cell, this over-reactive immunity can be down-regulated allowing the tissue to heal.

PMGs are available orally for every tissue, organ and gland in the body.