Introducing Your Immunity

What a splendid thing it is to spend each day not having to think about your body.  Instead you can play and sing and read and talk and eat and drink and dance and even drive a Jaguar with Van Halen on the radio.  All of these things and thousands more can hold your attention because your body doesn’t require your attention.  The body has a self-regulating mechanism that allows you to get on with your life.  But in the last twenty years there are increasing numbers of people who are suffering every single day with unresolved chronic conditions that produce uncomfortable and even debilitating symptoms.  Many of these conditions carry names that may describe the symptoms, but do nothing to provide a solution. 

The truth is that almost every unresolved condition has a disorganized and dysregulated immune system response that is at the heart of the matter.

Whenever symptoms occur, our conditioning pushes us to believe in the instant solution, the antacid, the aspirin, the antihistamine, the anti-anxiety pill, the anti-inflammative steroid; all to eliminate the feeling of discomfort and pain.  We want to be comfortable, we want it with no more effort than swallowing a pill and we want it now.  This has pushed the medical community to search for chemical answers in the lab, the test tube, the bodies of countless mice.  The result of this is a half-life of constant medication, medical bills and daily symptoms that won't resolve.  This isn't a solution because the solution lies inhealing your immune system.

Your immune system is not just a system, it is a process, a state of being, a complex interaction between cells, tissues, fluids and organs.

The idea that immunity is no more than a system of responses is a myth that perpetuates the idea that we are not responsible for our own illness.  In fact, we learn to accept that illness is inevitable, that it is a natural occurrence, even normal.  Even our society has bought into this myth with countless organizations that are raising monies for "cures". 

But there is no cure.  Because there is no disease.  It is simply a dysregulation of a delicately balanced process.  By restoring balance you will restore health.  That is your cure.

Our medical system is relying more and more on technology and chemistry to "control" the immune system.  We believe in anti-inflammatives, analgesics, anti-histamines, antibiotics to control a system that is out of control.  But this is exactly why it doesn't work because these approaches do not support a process, the process that is immunity.

Let’s look at an example.  In the Arctic, people have been living in this environment for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years.  Inuit, Eskimo, Laplanders, all have made their lives in this harsh and unforgiving environment.   For all of this time, these native people have put their faith in tradition and a history of knowledge that comes with the experience of living in and being a part of a complex process of life.  We assume that modern technology can provide better solutions than traditional knowledge, polar fleece must be more protective than sealskin.  Snowmobiles must be a better method of travel than dogsleds.  Pens are a better writing implement than charcoal pencils.  But the truth is that in every instance, centuries of experience wins out over technology and traditional methods not only provide more effective tools, but work with the process of life in the Arctic more effectively with less negative side effects.

The immune system, just as an ecosystem,
adapts to its experience through balance.

We need this traditional knowledge.  We need natural healing that works with our body's immunity because support is the answer, not suppression.  Once we travel down the path of disease by having ignored our body symptoms for months or even years, it may take many months for natural healing to follow the same path back to balance.  This is what was historically known as convalescence, where recovery was the primary concern, not going to work regardless of how you felt.  It is evident that many chronic conditions are simply illnesses and body issues that were never given sufficient time for convalescence and recovery. 

It is evident that healing and supporting our immune system is the answer to unresolved illness.

A good convalescence is a marvelous thing. It rounds off an illness and gives it meaning; it makes the sufferer stronger for having had it.
— Dr. Kerry Bone & Dr. Simon Mills