You have to begin with where you've been ...


Creating a complete history of your immunity is the first step.  Illnesses, injuries, emotional traumas, allergies and the progression of symptoms over time, are all essential to establishing your Immunity Reimagined© profile.


Your history is the key to understanding what has happened and to track the activity of your immune system.

Dr. Karen Clickner has created the Immunity Reimagined© Profile to help point out the burdens your immune system has and what is needed to restore regulation. You can create your profile by clicking here:

Once you have a complete history, separate everything into periods of time and try to remember how you felt during each period of time. What was going on in your life? How did these illnesses affect you? How much stress were you under? What were you being exposed to?

Disease is a progression. So it begins before you even feel any symptoms at all. Over time you start to feel changes that are indications of this progression. Each challenge that you face increases the burden. Eventually you have definitive symptoms that interfere with your daily life. You are a changed person and you don’t know how to return to health.