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Healing for the Pattern of Life™ Template by Dr. Robert Cass

Healing for the Pattern of Life™ Template by Dr. Robert Cass

The most important thing for you to know is that
no matter what symptoms you have,
no matter how long you have had symptoms,
no matter what the diagnosis is,
there is a solution.

The key to solving immune disorders is to understand your history, understand the development of the condition and understand what the body needs to return to balance.  This is done using natural therapies, natural remedies and natural foods in very specific ways as the body requires them.  In order to resolve dysregulation, we have to provide the right remedy at the right level at the right time and in the right order.

This all must be done while gradually reducing the compensations that your body has put in place and the xenobiotics or toxins that are the result.  Often many symptoms are created just from the accumulation of these toxins.

First, learn about what your symptoms actually mean…

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What Can I Expect?

Step One: The Immunity Reimagined™ Evaluation

The first step is to evaluate your entire health/illness history. This isn’t just about diseases you have had, but stressors, emotional trauma, lifestyle factors, diet and especially chronic symptoms that won’t resolve. In this appointment we spend two hours together which includes our European Regulation Thermography test, muscle testing, a comprehensive analysis of your history and a review of all your symptoms to ascertain patterns that are present in your body that are propelling your symptoms and preventing healing from taking place.

Step Two: Open the Pathways of Elimination
30 days

Once we know what the issues are, we can determine how the immune system is burdened and plan the best way to begin “unpacking” the body. This involves evaluating the pathways through which your body eliminates toxins such as lymph, breath, sweat, urinary and bowel function and even fluid tissues such as the eyes. Then we identify which pathways need to be cleared to allow the body to release toxins and debris. If any pathway is compromised, then there will be uncomfortable symptoms while the body is trying to cleanse and congestion can be the result.  We don’t simply want toxins and pathogens to resettle in other tissues, we want them to be completely removed from the body. Then throughout this time we work to keep the pathways open with remedies and therapies at specific points.

Restoring Cellular Communication Pathways

One plan we often use initially is the RCCP plan which provides a 30 day program of imported medicinals that address blocked pathways of elimination. This is one of the best ways to begin the clearing process. This is often combined with our Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy.

Step Three: Detoxification & Supportive Protection
30-60 days

This is about supporting the health of the body during the elimination of toxins and pathogens. So during this phase if there are viral remnants that are being removed, we provide herbal antivirals to help reduce symptoms and protect the body from the activity of the virus. If there are heavy metals that are being released, we add heavy metal oral chelators to ensure they don’t resettle in other tissues and that the liver functions optimally. Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy can be important to maintain the movement and exchange of fluid in tissues to prevent resettling of toxins.

Often during this time we encounter Muscle Memory where emotional and psychological stresses and traumas have left imprints and chemical debris in particular parts of the body. These need to be supported and balanced during this time so that complete cleansing can take place.

During this phase, the results of the Thermography Testing help to identify tissues and organs that need special support and protection. Without supporting, protecting and improving the function and effectiveness of the body organs, change and the establishment of new patterns may be compromised or blocked.  This includes implementing whole food in your diet, avoiding chemical and toxin exposure, ensuring adequate hydration, balancing trace minerals and creating an optimal pH.  We also want to support the lymphatic drainage system to ensure a clear communication with all cells and tissues.  Supplemental support focuses on the adrenal glands, liver/biliary tree, small intestine immunity, digestive pathways and methylation stabilization. 

If support is not provided to the organs and glands during this phase, then toxins may be driven deeper into the body's tissues and the matrix of the cells will become increasingly congested making resolution more difficult and more symptomatic. It is normal during this phase for sleep to be disturbed with very vivid dreaming and the resurfacing of memories that can guide you towards unresolved emotional burdens and biochemical imbalances that were established during traumatic events and debilitating acute illnesses. 

Recommendation: Keep a journal during this period to help you see the patterns of your symptoms and to zero in on the core issues that created your condition.

Step Four: Reassessment

At this point the real work should be completed and during this time we should have been able to recognize and release the myriad elements have created the burdens that dysregulate the immune system and the body.

It is during this time that regular testing through Applied Kinesiology, Morphagenic Field Technique, Contact Reflex Analysis as well as our European Thermography scans and Heart Sound Recorder Testing can show us the improvement and changes that have taken place. We work together to document your experiences during the last phase to identify what you have actually been exposed to, inherent weaknesses that your body manifested and how your body manages challenges.  Knowing these things help to develop a plan of how to maintain the improvements that you have had and ensure your health for the future.

Step Five: Cellular Repair and Health Maintenance / Your Ongoing Plan

Once therapeutic resolution has been completed, it is only a matter of time for the body to become optimal again.  How long this takes is dependent on the repair that needs to be done for tissues and cells that have been compromised and disrupted by your symptoms.

Our Genetic Profile Tests assess Aging Factors, Weight Loss Factors, Nutrient Factors and Athletic Performance Factors.

Our Genetic Profile Tests assess Aging Factors, Weight Loss Factors, Nutrient Factors and Athletic Performance Factors.

We provide antioxidants, minerals, catalysts and whole food enzymes to promote cellular repair and optimal function.  Often we will do genetic testing to identify the inherent tendencies that the body has from its earliest programming.  This helps us to know what functions need long-term support and what your aging will look like.  These genetic answers make it clearer what pitfalls you face and how many martinis you can have in a week! 

One of our happy patient families

One of our happy patient families