Immunity Reimagined

The Work of Dr. Karen S. Clickner, R.N.D.

The concept of working with immunity has developed over the 30 years of my natural medicine practice.  Studying with Dr. Kerry Bone of Australia, Dr. Thomas Rau of Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland and Dr. Michael Dobbins of California, I began to realize that immunity was the elusive and unresolved piece of almost every illness puzzle.

Through Conscious Body Natural Medicine I have established a program of testing options, unique natural therapies and high quality medicinals from Australia, Canada and the mid-West to identify and resolve IDD© (Immune Dysregulation Disorder). 

After working with more than 12,000 patients, I have learned so much that now I have the experience and the knowledge to identify and repair damaged immunity and the resulting illnesses, diseases and conditions.

Do you have questions?  I have answers. 

Appointments are available through Skype and at either of the locations of Conscious Body Natural Medicine.  For solutions that make a difference, call the Reception Desk at (617) 505-3585 or